Courage, Commitment and Compassion

The West Pines Training Center, located just west of metro-Denver, offers challenging team building and leadership development experiences to corporate, non-profit and educational clients from Colorado and around the country.

Our main venue is a low and high ropes challenge course. Rock climbing, orienteering, snowshoeing, environmental education and overnight camping programs are also available. Experienced facilitators will work with your group leaders in advance to develop a customized program designed to fit your team’s specific needs. Our staff will create an interactive program that fosters creativity, camaraderie, and innovation that can translate back to the work and educational environment in exciting ways.

Our programs build leadership and team development skills by providing clients the opportunity to practice creative solutions to challenges. Participants take healthy risks and enhance work relationships through shared adventures.

Why choose West Pines Training Center?

  • Outstanding professionalism, longevity and depth of staff experience in corporate, educational and therapeutic settings
  • Bi-lingual staff
  • Excellent safety record since 1988
  • Centralized Denver metro location with indoor/outdoor programming space
  • Off-site programming at retreat centers, resorts, or client’s home location
  • Our ability to create programs to your specific needs

Program Rates

Our programs are customized to meet your team’s needs, including your budget. We offer discounted rates for not-for-profit groups. We also have scholarships available for qualifying organizations.

Our program services include the following:

  • 13 outdoor low and high ropes course elements/activities
  • An extensive selection of team activities
  • Indoor break-out room that accommodates 30 people
  • On-site catering

Call today and let us help you plan an exciting and productive day, 303-467-4058


We have answered a few of the most common questions regarding The Training Center here. If your question or concern is not addressed, please call 303-467-4058 for additional information.

What does a typical program look like?

Each program is customized to your desired outcomes and goals. An overview of the day might look like this:
9 – 9:45 am: Variety of easy and welcoming warm-ups followed by a brief safety talk.
10 am – 12 pm: Small group skills development activities; delve into issues and content related to groups needs and purpose of program (i.e. developing trust, authentic communication, etc.).
12 – 1 pm: Lunch Break
1 – 3:30 pm: High ropes challenge course
3:30 – 4 pm: Bringing it all together – small groups reconvene for closing team activities.

What are some of the activities we can choose from?

We offer an extensive menu of activities your group can choose from. Our facilitators will work with you to select the most appropriate ones to achieve your desired outcomes.
Here are a few examples of popular activities:
Group Juggle
The group juggles a variety of soft objects illustrating the metaphor of all the things the team “juggles” in the workplace such as work-load, deadlines, and crises.
Lean on Me 
Members of high-performing teams must trust each other. In this activity, participants travel across a wire while the rest of the team supports and spots them. It is an independent activity, but it takes collaboration to achieve the goal.
High Ropes 
Participants learn the use of helmets, harnesses, and belay skills as preparation for a series of activities that take place 5-25 feet off the ground including the Leap of Faith, Zip Line, and The Playground.


Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas once said, “I learned early that the richness in life is found in adventure. Adventure calls on all the faculties of mind and spirit. It develops both self-reliance and interdependence. Life then teems with excitement.”

This captures the intent of the West Pines Training Center. A wide variety of groups have benefited from our adventure programs, including corporate departments, government offices, school teams and church groups. Learn what just a few had to say about their experience at West Pines:

In 2010, our nursing units got the privilege of moving into new units. While this was very exciting for us, we were also concerned that this move could decrease teamwork and communication between our units. We requested a team building experience to further build our relationship between our charge nurses, to minimize any potential negative impact these changes may have. I believe this day was worthwhile and an effective team-building time for our team. As they worked together on challenging events, they learned more about one another and experienced the importance of clear communication and listening to understand what the other person was saying. We appreciated the support of the West Pines team to help us navigate the changes ahead and to remind us of the tools that help each one of us to be a more effective team member.
— Marcia Teague RNC, MS Clinical Manager Mom/Baby/GYN Lutheran Medical Center

Thank you so much for your support of the Thornton Girls Tennis Team and your generosity in helping us to have a wonderful team experience at the West Pines Training Center Ropes Course. Below are some quotations from the girls about what the experience meant to them. “The ropes course helped me and my partner because we were really down on each other because we were not having fun on the tennis court. We learned how to have fun by bonding and we learned how to trust each other. If we fell over, we knew our teammates were going to catch us.”
Usually we learn to take risks as individuals. Through the ropes course, we learned how to take risks as a team.
We are more of a cohesive unit.
— Meredith Pettersch Varsity Tennis Coach/Math Teacher Thornton High School

…thank you for helping me and my classmates to create a stronger family between us…I now know that I can trust them more than I ever thought. This experience will help our class in many ways.
— K. M. Discovery Program Student Vantage Point High School

Partial Client List

  • Rock Bottom Restaurants – Management Training
  • U.S. Department of the Interior – Minerals Management Service
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Wells Fargo
  • State of Colorado Department of Human Services
  • Western Management Development Center-IRS Program
  • Denver International Airport
  • Kaiser Permanente – Management Development Series
  • Einstein Bagels
  • Leadership of Jefferson County