The Recovery Center at West Pines offers patients with addictions, and those with co-occuring emotional disorders, a chance to experience a better life. Our 14-day (minimum) residential treatment program features a serene therapeutic setting and a holistic approach to recovery. The program uses evidence-based addiction treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational therapy and alternative treatment such as acupuncture. We also have a fully equipped gym where residents exercise daily.

Our addiction psychiatrists and are trained at identifying the underlying issues that can influence a patient’s ability to achieve sobriety. These include disorders like depression, grief, trauma, bipolar disorder and other mental health diagnoses. We believe that addressing co-occuring disorders during chemical dependency treatment is essential so that patients are not predisposed to relapse

Fitness and sports programming for our addiction patients is provided by West Pines’ partner, Phoenix Multisport, a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster a supportive, physically active community for individuals who are recovering from alcohol and substance abuse.

Patients in our Residential Treatment Program benefit from the following:

  • On-site comprehensive, psychiatric care
  • Individual therapy
  • Psycho-educational, motivational, and cognitive behavioral groups
  • Integrated treatment for addiction and psychiatric conditions
  • Medication management such as Antabuse, Suboxone and Naltrexone
  • Daily exercise including strength training, rock climbing and aerobic activity
  • Acupuncture to reduce cravings
  • 12-step participation
  • Family involvement and therapy
  • Strong relapse prevention focus
  • Case management and discharge planning
  • Peer support and aftercare

How Healing Begins

The Residential Treatment Program serves adults, 18 and older, who are motivated to live a substance free life and feel they will benefit from a highly structured and supportive therapeutic environment. After evaluation, some patients may be referred to our Medical Detoxification Program prior to admission to The Recovery Center.

Patients will receive an initial evaluation to determine their appropriateness for the program. Referrals can be made by individuals seeking treatment, family members, physicians, therapists, or other health care professionals. To schedule an evaluation, call 303-467-4080. Appointments are typically available within 1-2 days of the referral, and in some instances, the same day.

Patients should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their evaluation appointment to complete the required paperwork. Patients should bring their belongings to their appointment, and be prepared to go immediately to the unit once they are accepted in the program. Refer to the FAQ section below for more details about what to bring with you to treatment.

Our evaluation and admission process involves many steps and it can be lengthy, anywhere from 2-5 hours. We understand this is an inconvenience for our patients, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Fees and Insurance

Patients are invited to speak to our experienced financial counselors who will discuss payment options and conduct a review of your insurance benefits. We have contracts with most major insurance carriers, and we offer the option to pay privately at discounted rates. Our counselors will work on your behalf to verify insurance benefits and secure reimbursement; however, we cannot guarantee the outcome.

We ask that patients or families contact their insurance company prior to coming to West Pines for an evaluation to learn about their plan’s criteria for medical necessity and coverage. Medicaid and Medicare will not pay for Residential Treatment at West Pines.

If the Residential Treatment program is not a covered benefit or your plan is not contracted for the Residential Treatment Program, we have a discounted private pay rate.


If the information you need is not here, please contact West Pines at 303-467-4080 for additional help.

 What does a typical day in the program look like?

In order to make your time with us as effective as possible, the program features a highly structured curriculum. Schedules may vary slightly from day-to-day, but this is the typical weekday schedule:

6:30 – 7:00 am: Wake up and Check Vitals
7:30 – 8:00 am: Medication Administration
8:00 – 8:30 am: Breakfast
8:45– 9:15 am: Community Meeting with the entire treatment team
9:30– 10:30: Autobiography Presentations
11:00 am – Noon: Skills Group
Noon – 1:00 pm: Lunch
1:00– 2:00 pm: Workbook Exercises
2:15– 3:15 pm: Acupuncture and Mindfulness Activities
3:15 – 5:00 pm: Phoenix: Yoga, Climbing Wall, Strength Training
5:00– 6:00 pm: Dinner
6:00– 7:30 pm: Free time / Open
7:30– 8:30 pm: Mutual Help Groups
9:00– 9:30 pm: Wrap up Group
9:30 – 10:00 pm: Clean Up and Medication Administration
10:30 pm: Lights Out

Can a shorter program really work?

Research supports that ongoing participation in treatment over the course of two years is the most effective way to achieve lasting recovery. Your time in residential treatment is only one step of your recovery journey. West Pines offers a continuum of chemical dependency care and our therapists and counselors work to ensure these aftercare resources are in place for each patient prior to discharge.

While some may stay longer, many patients stay for two weeks in order to reduce disruption to their daily lives. We believe that a prompt return to productive activities such as work and family involvement are an important part of successful recovery.

What if I want or need to stay longer?

This program requires a minimum stay of 14-days, but if you and your treatment team agree that you would benefit from staying in the program longer, this is an option. Please know that it will be up to your insurance company to determine whether you meet medical criteria, and whether they will continue paying for treatment or not.

What should I bring to treatment (clothing and belongings)?

Patients are encouraged to leave valuables, credit cards, large sums of money, cell phones and computers home with family or friends. If that is not possible, we have a safe on the unit where valuables can be stored. Patients are encouraged to write down all important numbers and e-mail addresses including Family/Friends, Insurance, Doctor/Clinic/Surgeon, Therapist/Counselor/Psychiatrist, Parole/Probation officer, Case Worker and etc. Comfortable, casual clothing is appropriate. Please bring clothing appropriate for exercise and physical activity including tennis shoes. Families may bring toiletries, or we will provide them.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon arrival, all patients participate in a safety check of their person and belongings.
Patients are not allowed to bring cell phones during treatment and music players are also not allowed on the unit. Patients are encouraged to write down all important numbers and e-mail addresses. If the patient does bring his or her cell phone, the RTC staff will lock the phone away, and the patient will not have access to it.

There is a community computer with Internet access available on the unit that may be used at designated times, and may be used to help with discharge planning. Personal computers are not allowed.

How can I visit or call a patient?

For patient safety and confidentiality, we ask that all visitors register with the receptionist in the registration building and obtain a visitors identification badge. Visiting hours are only on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday there is an education group about relationships and addiction from 12:30-2:30 pm for patients, friends and family. This is followed by the Phoenix Family Program from 2:30-5 pm. Families that participate in the group and family program are invited to stay for a visit afterwards. Sunday visitation is from 4 – 5:45 pm.
Patients may be reached by telephone at 303-467-4073 or 303-467-4074. Patient phones are available from 6-9:15 am,  Noon – 1 pm, and 5 – 10 pm. Phone conversations are limited to 10 minutes per call. Cell phones are not allowed.

Can I smoke at West Pines?

West Pines is a Tobacco-Free facility, along with the entire Lutheran Medical Center campus. We differ from many programs in our approach to tobacco use; we adhere to the most up-to-date research that indicates that those who quit tobacco use along with other substances are much more likely to achieve lasting sobriety.

How can I send flowers or gifts to a patient?

Friends and family may send patients well wishes such as flowers or mail to:
Patient Name
C/O West Pines Behavioral Health, Spruce Building
The Recovery Center
3400 Lutheran Parkway
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Healthy nutrition is an important part of recovery and we ask that friends and family not send food to patients. Special accommodations may be made if treatment coincides with a special occasion or birthday. Please speak with staff to arrange this.

I still have more questions…

Please contact The Recovery Center Manager, Brad Sjostrom, LCSW, MAC
(303) 467-4007