We recognize there is a problem accessing the services of medication providers such as psychiatrists or clinical nurse specialists in our community. Wait times for an initial appointment can be as long as several months. West Pines works to meet this need through our Medication Management and Crisis Stabilization Clinic (MMACS). Our MMACS clinicians can serve as a bridge for services while patients are working to get linked with a provider in their community. MMACS appointments are often available within one week.

Our clinicians will assess patients for a medication regimen, and if appropriate, provide prescriptions at the intake appointment. Also, they may coordinate referrals for patients to join our intensive outpatient programs for additional support on their wellness journey.

How Healing Begins

The MMACS clinic serves patients ages 18-65 who have urgent medication management needs. Patients should call 303-467-4071 to schedule an intake appointment. We make every effort to see patients as soon as possible.

We encourage patients to take the initiative to set their own appointments. Private physicians, clinicians, and hospital staff are welcome to call on a patient’s behalf to ask questions and receive information but the patient must schedule the intake appointment. Practitioners may also call to request that MMACS staff follow up with a patient, or give a heads-up that a patient may be calling.

It is very helpful for patients to bring any medical notes they have from the last two months including lab results and a list of current and past medications including dosages, duration and response. We also request that patients bring a list of any vitamins, herbal remedies and over the counter medications that they are currently taking. The initial intake appointment will last approximately 90 minutes and follow-up appointments are typically 30 minutes long.

Fees and Insurance

The MMACS Clinic contracts with most major insurance carriers, and we offer the option to pay privately at discounted rates.

Patients must provide a $50 deposit at the time they schedule their appointment. If the appointment is cancelled with less than 48-hours notice, or the patient does not show up, this money is not refundable. Otherwise, the deposit is applied toward the patient’s copayments or other fees.

Every patient’s circumstances are unique and accessing insurance coverage can be complex. Patients and their families are invited to meet with one of our experienced financial counselors who can help navigate your payment options. Our counselors will work on your behalf to verify insurance benefits and secure reimbursement; however, we cannot guarantee the outcome. Patients are financially responsible for any cost that their insurance does not cover.


We have answered many of the most common questions about our Medication Management and Crisis Stabilization Clinic here for you. If the information you need is not here, please contact West Pines at 303-467-4071 for additional help.

How long may I continue my treatment at MMACS?

Patients may see a MMACS clinician for four months. However, upon admission, we encourage patients to be actively searching for a psychiatrist in their community immediately. Wait times for an initial psychiatry appointment can be up to six weeks long.

Do I need to be seeing a therapist or counselor while I am working with the MMACS Clinic?

Our MMACS clinicians specialize in medication management. Individual outpatient therapy is not offered at West Pines. However, research supports that psychiatric medications are often more effective when they are used in conjunction with psychotherapy. We encourage our MMACS patients to continue or initiate a relationship with a therapist while receiving treatment at the MMACS Clinic. We can provide you with referrals in your community if you need them.