Our inpatient care programs provide stabilization for patients with acute mental health needs. Patients are admitted directly from an emergency room or as a step up from a less restrictive level of care. Patients receive a complete psychiatric evaluation and medical exam to determine diagnostic information and psychiatric treatment options. Our highly structured secure setting promotes safety and well-being for our patients and their loved ones. Each patient is assigned a psychiatrist who leads an interdisciplinary team in providing comprehensive and compassionate treatment and thorough discharge planning.

Patients also receive:

  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Medication management
  • Daily education and therapy groups led by experienced clinicians
  • Positive regard and compassionate care

How Healing Begins

Most patients are admitted to our inpatient care programs directly from an emergency department. Medical case workers coordinate these transfers with our assessment and referral team. In some instances, patients are transferred from a lower level of care program at West Pines to inpatient care. We do accept referrals from private physicians and clinicians in the community, but the patient will be directed to visit the emergency department of Lutheran Medical Center for a West Pines evaluation prior to admission. Contact our admission and referral team at 303-467-4080 if you need more information regarding admission to our inpatient program.

Fees & Insurance

The length of an inpatient stay will vary depending on the individual’s treatment plan. The severity of the patient’s symptoms and the resources needed to support recovery will affect the total cost of treatment. We have contracts with most major insurance carriers, and we offer the option to pay privately at discounted rates. 

Every patient’s circumstances are unique and accessing insurance coverage can be complex. Patients and their families are invited to meet with one of our experienced financial counselors who can help navigate payment options. Our counselors will work on your behalf to verify insurance benefits and secure reimbursement; however, we cannot guarantee the outcome. We encourage patients and/or families to contact their insurance company prior to admission to learn about specific benefit coverage and criteria for medical necessity.


We have answered many of the most common questions regarding inpatient hospitalization here. If your question or concern is not addressed, please contact a member of the admissions and referral team at 303-467-4080 for additional information.

How can I get help for someone who does not want treatment?

If you are concerned about the well-being of a family member or friend, you may contact your local police department and request they conduct a welfare check. This can be a difficult call to make, but if it ensures that a person in crisis receives the help they need, it is the right thing to do. Click here for a list of non-emergency phone numbers in Colorado.

The following people may authorize an involuntary admission for psychiatric care by placing an individual on an M – 1 or 27 – 65 (commonly referred to as a mental health hold):

  • Police
  • Physician (M.D.)
  • Licensed psychologist
  • Registered nurse (R.N.)
  • Licensed clinical social worker
  • Licensed counselor or marriage and family therapist with special training
  • National Park Ranger
  • A family member can go to probate court to ask for a hold

A mental health hold allows a patient to be held involuntarily for up to 72-hours for evaluation and treatment. The hold may be revoked at any time during this time frame if the patient is no longer considered to be gravely disabled or a danger to themselves and others.

What should I bring to treatment (clothing and belongings)?

Patients are encouraged to send valuables, credit cards, large sums of money and medication home with family or friends if possible. If that’s not possible, we have a safe on the unit where they can be stored. Comfortable casual clothing is appropriate. Families may bring toiletries or we will provide them.
Belts, shoestrings, suspenders, sweatpants or hoods with ties, walkmans with cords, cell phones, sharp items, glass items, medications, razors, and plastic bags are not allowed in the Cedar building.
PLEASE NOTE: Upon arrival, all patients participate in a safety check of their person and belongings.

How can I visit or call my loved one while they at West Pines?

For patient safety and confidentiality, we ask that all visitors register with the receptionist in the registration building and obtain a visitors identification badge. Visiting hours in the Cedar Building are Monday – Sunday, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Children under 12 are not permitted. Patients may also be reached by telephone at 303-467-4900, option #3. Cell phones are not allowed, except to retrieve numbers.

Can I smoke at West Pines?

West Pines is a Tobacco-Free facility, along with the entire Lutheran Medical Center campus.

How can I send flowers and/or gifts to a patient?

Friends and family may send patients well wishes such as flowers or mail to:

Patient Name
C/O West Pines Behavioral Health, Cedar Building
3400 Lutheran Parkway
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Flowers must be in a plastic vase. Healthy nutrition is an important part of recovery and we ask that friends and family not send food to patients. Special accommodations may be made if treatment coincides with a special occasion or birthday. Please speak with the patient’s case manager to arrange this.