Recovery is a Marathon! Help Crissy Help Others…

As an employee at West Pines for the last three years, I have experienced firsthand how committed the staff are to the community we serve. This is especially meaningful to me because West Pines played a critical role in saving my own life. I celebrated 10 years of sobriety on June 20, 2013. In celebrating this milestone, I was reminded how having access to treatment helped set me on a path of recovery. My time in treatment at West Pines was the beginning of my journey to being the woman I am today. Recovery is not always easy, but I view the challenges as opportunities for growth, and my success as an opportunity to connect with others.

I have always been an athletic person. In my recovery, I rediscovered this passion. My growth as a runner has been a parallel experience to my recovery. While in treatment, I gained the confidence to step out of my comfort zone. I learned that I was capable of establishing new patterns in my life and that I needed to take new steps every day to further my transformation. For me, those steps were literally and figuratively – running. Each time I set out on a run I gained new perspective and new fortitude. Every day I accomplished a little bit more and it got a little bit easier. That is true for my recovery journey too. Because running was such an integral part of my recovery, I decided to celebrate my ten years of sobriety by running my first marathon. I am participating in the Denver Rock and Roll Marathon on October 20, 2013. As the race gets closer, I am feeling like just running in it is not enough. I want to use this as an opportunity to give back by helping others get the quality treatment and positive start to their journey that I did. In the same way an athlete may seek out sponsors, I am searching for supporters. I hope to raise funds for the West Pines Recovery Center Scholarship Fund. Please join me in this effort and honor all those still fighting addiction by making a contribution to the Lutheran Foundation in my name.

My addiction brought me near death. In recovery, I get to re-connect with the person I am meant to be and live a life beyond what I imagined possible. We have the opportunity to make this possible for others. Together, we can give them a chance to benefit from treatment at West Pines. Visit the Lutheran Medical Center Foundation to make a donation.

Sincerely, Crissy Fale